The Oppo F19 Review


For quite some time now, you might have heard about the Oppo F19. This compact digital camera from Korea is quite popular around the world because of its appealing color combination which is a shade of grey/black. However, what makes this Oppo F19 such a wonderful gadget is that it comes with two miniature cameras, a normal one and a high-end professional one. The manufacturer also assures you that you will never lose a picture even if you accidentally bump your smartphone against the sensor. In case you do lose one, you will be able to recover it since the chip used for the camera is tiny. Oppo F19

As far as the other cameras are considered, the Oppo F19 in the back features a triple camera set up with a 48-apixel primary lens with a f/1.7 maximum aperture; a single 2-apixel camera along with a secondary lens which has an aperture of f/5.6. For the flash, you need either an AA battery or maybe even a dedicated one. You can place the secondary lens on a housing so that it becomes more durable.

One more thing about the Oppo F19 is that it comes with some impressive features such as fast charging support, a high sensitivity camera, and waterproof technology. When it comes to fast charging support, this smartphone supports Quick Charge technology which is a great help especially if you’re in a hurry to get to the next business meeting or anything similar. The high-sensitivity mode automatically focuses on images when you move your hands rapidly across the screen. The battery is also capable of detecting the angle at which the camera is pointed and thus you won’t have to worry about pressing the wrong button all the time just to take a picture.

Another thing about this Oppo F19 smartphone is its unique camera setup. The smartphone has both a standard camera along with a digital camera set up on its primary memory chip. This lets you perform multiple functions at the same time which makes it an enjoyable gadget to own. The 2 megapixel primary camera has an automatic focus system, an auto flash, and image stabilization so that you are able to take clear pictures.

When it comes to the Oppo F19 realme, it offers fast mobile communication with a fully-functional 2.5D curved edge display which looks really sharp. The text on this display is sharp and crisp. The phone also comes with a full QWERTY keyboard with large space for numbers and symbols which makes it easy to operate this handset. On the other hand, the rear camera of the Oppo F19 is one of the best mobile cameras you will find with any smartphone.

It has an advanced secondary display which offers a dual-touch interface for easier operation on the phone’s touch screen. The phone also runs android 11, so you can get the latest apps and features without any problems. For a phone which offers advanced technology, excellent sound quality, high-end cameras, a large display and a powerful secondary display, the Oppo F19 really does live up to its claims. The device also runs smoothly on the MT65H processors that work on quad core A5.5 processor that is not seen in many high-end smartphones.

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